A springtime carpet of wild garlic / ramsons

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Taking advantage of some welcome sunshine and very little breeze early on a Sunday morning, I made it to a nearby Pennine clough to capture this verdant carpet of wild garlic.

We’re almost at the end of the wild garlic season, which normally runs from March to early May. Their allium aroma still permeates the woods but now their delicate white flowers punctuate the woodland floor, heralding their imminent demise. The last decade or so has seen a resurgence in interest in foraged and wild foods in the UK, celebrating fresh, local flavours. Ramsons, or wild garlic, remains one of the most abundant and yet underused.

This is one of my favourite times of the year: the greening of foliage above and on the woodland floor; the gentle waving of the ramson fronds, and wild native bluebells appearing under the protective canopy of the trees, soundtracked only by songbirds and the odd bleat of spring lambs on the slopes above. That helps to underline that spring is (finally) here…

Shot with my trusty but slightly neglected Sigma 10mm fisheye: it’s perfect for higher resolution / more detailed views for landscapes and architecture, but less suited to scenes with people or moving objects which I’ve been shooting more of recently. This panorama was shot as a series of nine bracketed RAWs, each spaced 1.3EV apart, then converted to HDRs and fused in Photomatix.
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