A light dusting …

Widdop Dam, dusted by snow

Widdop Reservoir Dam, between Heptonstall and Trawden, February 2008

I think I’m developing a thing for dams. Or maybe it’s a thing for reservoirs. Living in the Pennines, where the landscape is splattered with their glinting still bodies, I feel they permeate one’s consciousness.

Widdop Reservoir is a favourite, lying as it does on the desolate road from Heptonstall to Colne. By the time you get to it, you’ve already watched the landscape empty and stretch out, rolling and barren before you. The sky was a perfect powder blue, and the ground had a light dusting of snow, enough to add character and sparkle to an otherwise muted season on the moors.

Click here to view a fullscreen Flash panorama of the scene.

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