An early welcome to the Pleasure Dome

The day before the Royal Wedding was absolutely glorious: clear, warm and sunny across the country. I was up way too early, on the train from Manchester to London for work, but had spotted this funfair the day before and had resolved to shoot it. Fairground are rather odd places, and it’s rare to see them empty, so I left the house fifteen minutes early, fortified by coffee.

The first tremulous rays of dawn broke over the reservoir just as I arrived: I quickly set up my kit and snatched this shot without attracting anyone’s attention. I’m definitely not a morning person, but there’s something rewarding about being up early to see such delicate light and such an absence of people paired with such intense paintwork.

HTML5 version

Click the icons above to view a fullscreen 360° view of the scene with Flash (for desktop) or HTML5 (for mobile). You can also view the location in Google Earth or read more about it in Wikipedia. Happy viewing!

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