Another one bites the dust …

On the morning of September 17th Lloyds/TSB announced it was making a bid to take over HBOS (Halifax Bank of Scotland). One giant financial entity, comprising two well-known high street banks, swallowing another whole to prevent widespread destabiliation and further nationalisation of banking in the UK during the ongoing credit crunch. HBOS is currently a major employer in the Calder valley, where the roots of the former Halifax Buiding Society lie, so this was an important story for the local economy. It’s too soon to say what the impact of the takeover will be on jobs, but the news prompted fears of redundancies.

Sensing an opportunity for panoramic photography as timely photojournalism, I proposed to head past the massive offices in Copley, near Halifax, on my way home. Originally I wanted to use the metaphor of the sun setting on the building, but I was working late so by the time I got to the site it was too dark, and eerily quiet. It’s too far away to see from this vantage point, but the giant HBOS sign on the right has been squashed and depressed into the facade surrounding it. Perhaps that’s metaphor enough for the current banking crisis.

Click below for a fullscreen 360° view of the scene in Flash or QuickTime format, or locate the scene in Google Earth.

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