Large format print: a gigapixel view inside a studio at Islington Mill

Click/tap the image above to view a panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser.

A test piece, shot in Maurice Carlin’s studio in Islington Mill, comprising a 1.33 gigapixel, HDR panorama. My first attempt at a gigapixel HDR pano, using 721 x 24 megapixel photos.

Great for highlighting small detail (check out the plant growing on the inside of the window, amongst other features) but slow and challenging to work on, with some visual quality issues. Definitely a technique I’ll continue to progress…

Technical info: shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon 50mm f1.4 lens, Nodal Ninja 5, Promote Remote Control. 7 bracketed exposures per image.

Buy Art Fair / The Manchester Contemporary, Spinningfields

The North’s biggest art fairs return to Manchester! Thursday evening saw preview evenings at both Buy Art Fair, and The Manchester Contemporary: their busiest and best ever.

Despite a rainy day, the weather behaved itself properly as guests streamed into the bespoke marquee set up in Manchester’s Spinningfields, and Quay House, to view the biggest selection of contemporary art either exhibition has yet displayed. Both events ran until Sunday 30th September.

We captured a range of 360° panoramic views of the opening evening and over the weekend: whether you were there with us, or if you couldn’t make it in person, you can now experience the thrill of both exhibitions virtually.

[Update] The organisers have revealed the whole weekend was a colossal success: the number of visitors, and the volume of art sales to those visitors, was up significantly on any previous year. Over 7000 unique visitors across four days… another example to suggest Manchester can claim to be second only to London in terms of both audience receptiveness and cultural significance.

Click/tap the images below to view a panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser.

Exterior aerial view of the Buy Art Fair marquee, showing the last rays of sunset lighting the sky above Spinningfields

The entrance area of Buy Art Fair 2012 marquee in Spinningfields

Buy Art Fair marquee – rear of marquee with photographer Bill Ward and a selection of his work, as well as the band

The Manchester Contemporary – busy scenes in Room 1 on the opening night

The Manchester Contemporary – Ceri Hand Gallery, Conway, Anne-Marie Ros Projects – NL in Room 3 on the opening night

The Manchester Contemporary – Rokeby in Room 2 on the opening night

The Manchester Contemporary – The International 3 in Room 2 on the opening night

Exterior aerial view of the Buy Art Fair marquee on Saturday, with sun breaking out over Spinningfields


May the 4th be with you: Star Wars exhibition at FullCircle Gallery, Leeds

Click/tap the image above to view a panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser

Click/tap the image above to view a panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser

Friday May the 4th saw the opening of the excellent @StarWarsLeeds exhibition at FullCircle Gallery off Kirkstall Road, Leeds. Organised and curated by TheHangGang and Leeds Alternative Comics, it brought together a range of contemporary artists’ designs and creations unified by the Star Wars universe, and a collection of vintage toys.

Back in 2008 I shot a panorama of Barry aka TheHangGang’s toy room, and gawped at the selection of carded Star Wars figures he had displayed next to his vinyl toys. Fast forward a shade more than four years and his collection is bigger, better and badder than ever. As a kid, I had a decent collection of Star Wars figurines, and the imagination to transport them and I to wherever I wanted to be, but they were loved, used and abused rather than left box-fresh. So seeing a the range of pristine figures, and the accompanying vehicles, all displayed perfectly was enough to bring out the inner child in me once again.

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Radiance, revisited…

Last spring I shot Hannah Nunn’s wonderful shop, Radiance, at night. The result was one of my favourite panoramas of last year: Hannah agreed, and featured it on the shop website. However this spring, Radiance moved to premises closer to the centre of Hebden Bridge: the move provided a great excuse to go back to the shop and reshoot. Rather handy as I’ve recently starting shooting more HDR subjects and have upgraded pretty much my whole rig since last year.

I love the new shop: the larger display area gives more breathing space to the designs of the many artists and craftspeople whose work grace the walls and ceilings. The new site is right in the middle of Market Street, so there’s lots more footfall from interested visitors to Hebden, especially during this 500th anniversary of the town.

It’s also the perfect subject for high dynamic photography, and a great challenge to capture the delicate details and colours. Last time I shot five exposures before enfusing and tone-mapping: this time I’ve shot nine exposures, which goes somewhat further towards eliminating burnout in the highlights and muddiness in the shadows. Of course that’s the geek in me talking, the aesthete simply loves the composition and variety within the scene… fabulous designs and such a range of shapes and colours!

Click the icons below for a fullscreen 360° view of the scene in Flash, or to locate the scene in Google Earth.

Mighty Robot Recordings 12″ roundup

I’ve completed several 12″s for this quality Scottish electronic imprint recently, so thought I’d update the archives. NB, some of these designs could be considered to be NSFW…



MRR00000011 Operator – How to make bombs and influence people

Out now from all good record shops, distributed by Rubadub.



MRR00000012 Junior Rafael – Darkroom Traxx II

Out now from all good record shops, distributed by Rubadub.



MRR00000013 Hadamard – Studio Gangster EP

Out soon, distributed by Rubadub.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for  artwork for the devastatingly mighty new Legowelt 12″ ‘Equestrian 707’, out later this autumn on MRR. Sneak peek on here soon 🙂