Collecting History exhibition launch at MCDC

Click/tap the image above to view a panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser

Click/tap the image above to view a panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser

Click/tap the image above to view a panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser

Three aerial panoramas shot during the launch of this spring’s Collecting History exhibition, celebrating thirty years of the wonderful Manchester Craft and Design Centre (MCDC) in the Northern Quarter.

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Keeping it local… Made in Tod

Keeping it local, I managed to make the most of a brief window in the weather and shoot a couple of panoramas on my doorstep in Todmorden this weekend.

Panoramic view of Todmorden outdoor market

(Click/tap the image above to view a panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser)

Firstly, the outdoor market under some welcome blue skies. We’re lucky to still have an active indoor and outdoor market, unlike many similar-sized towns nearby. Although it faces increased competition from faceless supermarkets encroaching on the area, Tod market provides a great selection of goods & foodstuffs for local consumers. Campaigns such as Incredible Edible Todmorden have proudly promoted locally produced and sourced products, tying this in with greater awareness and action about the welfare and sustainability of foodstuffs.

The panorama below shows four traders, all of whom sell superb fresh local and regional produce. In the marquee you can see local free range pork farmers Porcus serving up one of their amazing rare breed hog roasts, and as you pan around you’ll see Paul the fishmonger (bringing fish direct from Fleetwood), Christine from CN Produce (who sells Porcus bacon and sausages amongst other regional delights) and Hazelwood’s greengrocers. Definitely the best place to shop in the town… totally local, and great value!

Incidentally, here’s a timelapse video I shot of a previous Porcus hog roast in Rawtenstall last year…

Secondly, inside Todmorden’s glorious Victorian Town Hall (which I originally shot back in 2008), was the annual Made in Tod show, organised by Todmorden Business Association to showcase local companies and producers. The event was well attended, and I decided to take capture this panorama from high above the exhibitors, using an aerial pole rig. I particularly like the ‘mirrorball’ view below, which provides a unique perspective on the event…

Panoramic view of the Made in Tod show 2012, inside Todmorden Town Hall

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Mirrorball panoramic view of the Made in Tod 2012 show



Meet the meat… Porcus open farm day

I recently attended a ‘Food Inspirers’ open day at the Porcus farm, a wonderful sixteenth century barn on the moors high about Todmorden, as part a range of activities by Incredible Edible Todmorden. We watched (and tried our hand at) sausages being made, playful porkers frolicking in their free range pens, listened to the importance of proper porcine welfare, and heard about the occasional escaped pig.

It was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, and it certainly helped to engage the visitors and give them an idea of life on an ethically-run free range farm. Most people also left with some of the great bacon, sausages and pork on sale, inspired and enthused after seeing how much care and consideration goes into these pig’s lives.

You can read much more about the day in a great write up on Culture Vulture, and you can view 360° panoramas of the group, and Dan from Porcus making sausages by clicking the links below…

SJ from Porcus discussing the welfare (and taste) of their free range pigs

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Panoramic view of Dan from Porcus making sausages from their rare breed pork

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La chapelle du Saint Eutrope, near Andabre, Languedoc

The only way to get to this French mountain chapel is on foot… a steep climb along some increasingly hairy paths through chestnut forests and over bare rock. And, despite us setting off in late afternoon, it was well over 30°c. As the photographer, I was paying for my art – carrying camera and kit, compared to the water bottles being clutched by everyone else – so I was doubly relieved to climb the final set of steps over the final false peak, and collapse on the stone flagging by the building.

Inside, the chapel was delightfully cool, well maintained and calm. I snapped a trio of HDR panoramas as we enjoyed the view of the hills around us being lit up by the golden evening light; the still warm air suffused with the smell of herbs and hot earth. Well worth the climb to enjoy this kind of view…

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Radiance, revisited…

Last spring I shot Hannah Nunn’s wonderful shop, Radiance, at night. The result was one of my favourite panoramas of last year: Hannah agreed, and featured it on the shop website. However this spring, Radiance moved to premises closer to the centre of Hebden Bridge: the move provided a great excuse to go back to the shop and reshoot. Rather handy as I’ve recently starting shooting more HDR subjects and have upgraded pretty much my whole rig since last year.

I love the new shop: the larger display area gives more breathing space to the designs of the many artists and craftspeople whose work grace the walls and ceilings. The new site is right in the middle of Market Street, so there’s lots more footfall from interested visitors to Hebden, especially during this 500th anniversary of the town.

It’s also the perfect subject for high dynamic photography, and a great challenge to capture the delicate details and colours. Last time I shot five exposures before enfusing and tone-mapping: this time I’ve shot nine exposures, which goes somewhat further towards eliminating burnout in the highlights and muddiness in the shadows. Of course that’s the geek in me talking, the aesthete simply loves the composition and variety within the scene… fabulous designs and such a range of shapes and colours!

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