Friends of Mine Festival, Cheshire

This is the deserted Bowl Stage at the Friends of Mine festival after the acts had finished on the Friday night. Although I was predominantly on the lookout for good stills at the festival I couldn’t help but stop to grab this panorama. I was taken by the desolate emptiness of the space, and the contrast between the starry sky and the bright lights and litter of the performance area below, with the Elizabethan stately home in the background. It’s rare to catch a space like this so bereft of festival-goers, but a late night, long exposure treatment caught the moment well.

I’d won a pair of tickets to the event, held at the stately Capesthorne Hall in the bucolic, rolling Cheshire countryside, so a mate and I rocked up with a tent and enough food and beer for the weekend. The weather constantly threatened the festival, but largely held off blighting the performances, confined largely to nightime showers and winds.

The festival was a little underattended, but we caught some good acts and managed to get a few nice snaps as well. Spending the weekend in the great outdoors with good beer, good company and a varied soundtrack was the perfect spring tonic… even if the sunshine was somewhat lacking!

HTML5 version

Click the icons above to view a fullscreen 360° view of the scene with Flash (for desktop) or HTML5 (for mobile). You can also view the location in Google Earth. Happy viewing!

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