Graffiti off Laugarvegur, Reykjavík, Iceland.

Fantastic graffiti behind Sirkus, just off Laugarvegur, Reykjavík, Iceland. They seem to take good graffiti very seriously in Iceland: a small walk around the city centre, 101 Reykjavík, provides the chance to see some world-class street art. I”m curious about this spot: whilst digging around online I found lots of pictures of Sirkus (a live venue I’m sure I’d read about in the past) but I think the enclosing wall to this yard has only been removed relatively recently, opening out this space. These early pictures showed a couple of the London Police’s characteristic ‘lads’ (some of my favourite street characters) on the wall, but nothing else.

The top of this gable wall is covered in tiny mirrors which twist and turn in the breeze, and below several pieces create a series of narratives which permeate into every corner. I’m guessing that an empty space was reclaimed as an art space when the bar closed down, but that’s merely an educated guess. Regardless, it’s an inspiring and exciting place to stumble on in the delightfully surreal environs of downtown Reykjavík.

Click below for a fullscreen 360° view of the scene in Flash or QuickTime format, or for more info in Google Earth.

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