Off the wall: graffiti at the 42spot

I often drive past this old structure, outside Halifax on the Huddersfield Road, and I’ve meant to stop and shoot it for some time. Most of the graffiti is obscured from view by the low wall along the road, so one only catches a glimpse of colour through the gate mesh when driving past, and a few larger pieces poking out above eyeline.

Not sure if it’s an officially condoned legal graf site, or if the authorities just turn a blind eye to the artists who regularly update pieces on here. Pieces get updated and changed regularly, so it’s constantly in use. When I visited there were some very good pieces on display.

[Edit: I recently got a mail from HXurbanart, telling me that it’s known as the 42spot, after the 42crew who started painting it a decade or so ago. No one now claims ownership of the structure, formally a retaining wall for a substation, so it sits in a legal limbo, with no prosecutions for painting. It looks like by being a ‘grey’ area it’s providing a chance to act as an incubator and showcase for some good local talent, and from further afield. Long may it last.]

Click below for a full screen 360° view of the scene with Flash, or to locate it with Google Earth.

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