Inside the serpent: Alnwick Gardens

This is one of the water sculptures at the wonderful Alnwick Garden in Northumbria. I always enjoy capturing circular spaces in 360° shots, seeing elements distorted out of all recognition, so this item caught my eye…

The Alnwick Garden is a new addition to Alnwick… you can read more about it on their website… and is an ambitious and quite wonderful modern garden. I got there on one of the last days of the season, when the sun was low in a pastel sky, and the leaves were turning every shade of autumn.

The Serpent Garden was designed by Peter Wirtz, with a series of water features/scupltures by William Pye. When we visited it was mobbed by children, mostly attired in all-in-one outfits… obviously the parents had been here before and came prepared. This particular sculpture, with its curtains of cascading water, was situated a little away from the main attraction, and stood quietly surrounded by hedges, catching the light in its liquid sheets.

Click below for a full screen 360° view of the scene with Flash, to read more on Wikipedia, to see the location in Google Earth, or to view an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch compatible version.

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