Oakley Lensfinder app now on iTunes App Store

I’m thrilled to announce details of a project which has recently gone live on the iTunes app store, using panoramic content created by Anti Limited. The newly-released Oakley Lensfinder app, created by leading agency Neue Digitale in Frankfurt, enables extreme sports fans to experience interactive product configuration in a series of fully immersive environments. It’s a smart, exciting and powerful way to choose eyewear on iPad and iPhone. Oh, and it’s free too. Very cool!

The interface allows the user to select their preferred lens type and see the optimum optical characteristics for their sport. What makes it so much more enjoyable than a standard web-based product finder is the way you tap the screen to momentarily raise/lower the glasses, and pinch and drag to look all about the 360° panoramic environments. Several panoramic photographers provided content for the app: I contributed the raw beauty of a wintery Alpinesque mountain scene, and the exhilaration of upland driving on an open road. You can view the original snow panorama here, and the road panorama here.

You can read more about the development of the application here on the Neue Digitale website. I think it’s a great way of using panoramic content to immerse the user in the environments which the product was specifically designed for, and I’m excited so many people will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery while choosing cutting-edge lens technology.

You can download the free app for iPhone here, and iPad here.

Sunshine at the top of Cragg Vale; England’s longest continuous gradient

Perfect driving (or riding) conditions on the top of the Pennines…  magic light over the moors on a gorgeous warm evening. The heather caught the sun, the clouds added just enough contrast for drama, and bumblebees hummed around, enjoying the late start to springtime this year.

This is where Blackstone Edge Road becomes Turvin Road at the top of Cragg Vale on the boundaries of West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester: this stretch of road is England’s longest continuous gradient. I’ve yet to freewheel down it on my bike, but on an evening like this I’m sure it’d be glorious… and much more enjoyable than the long, slow slog it’d be to climb it!

OakleyView for iPad and iPhone

I chose this location to capture a commission for an iOS app by Oakley, OakleyView, showing off the high-end eyewear manufacturer’s products for different sports and conditions. As this is one of the best country roads around for cycling or motorbiking it was a perfect candidate for the job.

(Update 2014) It was serendipitous to choose this spot to represent a great cycling route; in July 2014 this was one of the climbs on the second stage of the Tour de France. You can see a panorama of all the action further down the road in Ripponden on the day by clicking here…