No swimming

Blackstone Edge Reservoir

I love this view. I shot it back in August 2007 but couldn’t get it to stitch properly as the source images weren’t highly contrasting enough. I came back to it this week and, with a bit of magic and hard work, was able to get it to behave.

Blackstone Edge overlooks Lancashire, and marks the border across to Yorkshire. The road climbs ever upwards, and the sky perpetually feels enormous, invasive, and omnipresent. At the top sits a reservoir, and despite the raw weather on the cusp of the Pennines, the surface usually looks oddly calm.

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The Icicle Works

The Icicle Works

It’s the beginning of February. The wind is biting, the cold creeps across the hills overnight, and when I wake there’s a light dusting of snow outside. I jump in the car and drive around, looking for inspiration and frozen delights to capture in a panorama. After driving up through Cragg Vale from Mytholmroyd I turn left at Blackstone Edge reservoir, and drive for a kilometre or so along Rochdale Road to the side of Black Castle Hill, before stopping abruptly in amazement. Icicles everywhere. They tumbled down the side of the hill and clung dramatically to the sheer rock faces, born from the continuous freeze and melt cycle of the previous week. I scouted various locations before coming back to this little cove, where one was surrounded on three sides by majestic sparkling blades of ice. They were melting as I shot this multiple exposure panorama, feeling lucky to have captured a fleeting glance of the brooding, raw beauty of the moor at its best.

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Snow on the tops

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