Looking around Harry’s cycle shop in Tod


They say smell is the most powerful sense for evoking memories: when I first popped into Harry’s Bikeshop the homely aromas transported me straight back to my childhood. The olfactory sensations of oils, rubber, steel, leather and stonework reminded me of old workshops and hours spent cleaning and maintaining my bikes; the randomly ordered bicycles and parts were equally appealling to the eye. I was only there to get my chain replaced, but the experience stayed fresh in my mind for some time. Obviously time to ask the owner’s permission to shoot a panorama…

There’s so much detail and history in this small shop: years of skill, knowledge, tradesmanship and, well… just stuff everywhere,  creating a delightful visual experience. Workshops and studios tend to reflect the trade and character of the people who work in them, creating a fascinating combination of the professional and personal. Thanks to Harry Ingham (and his cat, who seemed determined to get in all the shots). Finally, special mention must go to the ultimate 70s cult bike… a beautifully restored orange Chopper in the foreground of the shot… absolutely classic.

Click below for a fullscreen 360° view of the scene in Flash, or for more info in Google Earth.