Happy 30th Birthday, Manchester Craft and Design Centre!

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This weekend the marvellous Manchester Craft and Design Centre marks the start of their 30th anniversary celebrations and activities with the launch of ‘Collecting History‘.

It promises to be a great launch, with 1982-flavoured food and music; family-friendly activities; an inspiring range of wonderful products on sale; and  English Electric and  Thomas Thorp joining the musical dots from the last thirty years. If you’re in the Northern Quarter in Manchester on Saturday it’ll be a grand afternoon out, so pop in and check it out…

I’ve had a soft spot for the Craft Centre since I first came to Manchester in the 90s… to me it’s the best place to look for inspiration, original gifts and craft pieces. Plus Oak Street Café’s food is wonderful as well…

Anti Limited shot a virtual tour of the Craft Centre last summer (we tried our best to catch the summer sun, but to no avail!) To preface tomorrow’s launch, here’s one of the views: an aerial shot from the centre of the ground floor, just outside the café. Check out the mouth-watering array of food on the serving hatch. We’ll put more views online next week, so be sure to check back and see more. Or follow antilimited on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed to ensure you don’t miss out…

And if you’d like to see more in the meantime, here’s another panorama I shot just over just over two years ago, showing off the Yarnbombing exhibition at the time…

Brighter than ever: inside Radiance again for 2011

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This is Radiance, a gorgeous lighting and craft boutique in the small market town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Radiance is owned by designer/maker Hannah Nunn: as well as creating her own acclaimed range of lighting, Hannah has a keen eye for the beautiful, showcasing and selling other talented designers’ work too. The result is a truly magical shop, filled with a wide variety of carefully chosen, high-quality craft products.

It’s the third year in a row I’ve worked with Radiance  to carry out a 360° photoshoot: you can view the 2009 version here (in the previous shop unit), and 2010’s version here (interesting to see how much the shop has changed in just one year). I was commissioned to return to Radiance, a year on, to illustrate this evolution, and to create a more comprehensive 360° view of the store, to compliment Radiance’s newly redesigned website. I also captured a series of high quality shop interior and exterior for press and marketing purposes.

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Radiance, revisited…

Last spring I shot Hannah Nunn’s wonderful shop, Radiance, at night. The result was one of my favourite panoramas of last year: Hannah agreed, and featured it on the shop website. However this spring, Radiance moved to premises closer to the centre of Hebden Bridge: the move provided a great excuse to go back to the shop and reshoot. Rather handy as I’ve recently starting shooting more HDR subjects and have upgraded pretty much my whole rig since last year.

I love the new shop: the larger display area gives more breathing space to the designs of the many artists and craftspeople whose work grace the walls and ceilings. The new site is right in the middle of Market Street, so there’s lots more footfall from interested visitors to Hebden, especially during this 500th anniversary of the town.

It’s also the perfect subject for high dynamic photography, and a great challenge to capture the delicate details and colours. Last time I shot five exposures before enfusing and tone-mapping: this time I’ve shot nine exposures, which goes somewhat further towards eliminating burnout in the highlights and muddiness in the shadows. Of course that’s the geek in me talking, the aesthete simply loves the composition and variety within the scene… fabulous designs and such a range of shapes and colours!

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Craft, design and wool…

This is the wonderful Manchester Craft and Design Centre, a creative jewel set in the centre of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. It’s one of my favourite places to look for unique gifts and goodies from a range of talented artists and craftspeople in the North West. The building’s a gem as well, formerly home to the Manchester Poultry and Fish Market.

Incidentally, the profusion of brightly-coloured woolen accoutrements along the balcony are part of an installation called Yarnbombing, by Salford-based collaborative project Art Yarn.

Click below for a fullscreen 360° view of the scene in Flash, or for more info in Google Earth.

Mighty Robot Recordings 12″ roundup

I’ve completed several 12″s for this quality Scottish electronic imprint recently, so thought I’d update the archives. NB, some of these designs could be considered to be NSFW…



MRR00000011 Operator – How to make bombs and influence people

Out now from all good record shops, distributed by Rubadub.



MRR00000012 Junior Rafael – Darkroom Traxx II

Out now from all good record shops, distributed by Rubadub.



MRR00000013 Hadamard – Studio Gangster EP

Out soon, distributed by Rubadub.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for  artwork for the devastatingly mighty new Legowelt 12″ ‘Equestrian 707’, out later this autumn on MRR. Sneak peek on here soon 🙂