No more QuickTime: the format is dead, long live the content!

After four years of largely fruitful and mutual partnership, today QuickTime and I part company. When I started producing 360° panoramic work, the only reliable, cross-platform way to publish the work was as a QTVR file. Getting under the skin and providing many of the things panographers take for granted, such as a custom interface, hotspots and interactivity, was dirty work but it could be done at a pinch.

Unfortunately Apple have done nothing to extend the functionality or longevity of the file format for years, and the multimedia aspects of QTVR have been looking rather long in the tooth for some time. Even their products seemed to play less well with QTVRs: when the iPhone failed to support it natively I knew the format was approaching the end of the road…*

I began to make my panoramas accessible in Flash format in 2007. Over the last couple of years it’s become easier to publish, use and view these panoramas; and as they’re Flash files, they’re much more extensible than QT. Although, thanks to the near ubiquity of iTunes, QuickTime has become much more established as a platform, fewer end users view my panoramas in QuickTime than ever. And almost everyone has at least Flash 8 on their machines.

So I’m no longer going to publish QTVR content on this site: over time I’m going to convert or upgrade all the legacy content so it’s available in Flash. I may still need to provide an alternative for commercial applications, but generally speaking, I’ll not be relying on QTVR again. Sniff.

So, sorry to see you go, QTVR… you were a good friend while you lasted. Thanks for the good times…

* I do however support the iPhone, via the wonderful PangeaVR from Brian Greenstone, veteran Mac programmer. I’ve been using it for almost a year now, with great success, as it’s the best way of allowing others to see what I do when I’m out and about. It comes in two flavours: the ‘regular’ free version, which allows you to view online panorama content from Anti Limited and hundreds of other around the world, and a ‘pro’ version which allows you to download panoramas and view them offline. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can view my content by looking up ‘Anti Limited presents Panoramas in your Pocket’ after installing PangeaVR. Enjoy!

Tribute01 … WTF? WFL!

Here’s a very mysterious one-sided 12″ label I’ve just completed for a new imprint, Tribute. Having been sworn to secrecy, all I can divulge is that it’s forthcoming in strictly limited quantities.

It’s a reworking of a popular song by a popular beat combo, reworked by a popular (and highly secretive) production duo. Unlike the Boomtown Rats, we DO like Mondays!

Radiosity, luminance and reflection: Radiance lighting shop


I was lucky enough to be asked to shoot this wonderful shop in nearby Hebden Bridge: I’ve had a soft spot for Radiance since I moved to the area. The owner, Hannah Nunn, designs & produces internationally acclaimed lighting on the premises, and also stocks a wide range of contemporary lights, craft and homewares from other designers. I urge you to visit the shop’s website and have a closer look at what’s on sale.

Shooting the shop in the evening gave due prominence to the stunning range of products against the dark canvas of Market Street outside: a warm oasis of light on a winter’s night. I shot five exposures in RAW and tone-mapped them to fully capture the wide dynamic range of the light and contrast, and the result is exquisite!

Click below for a fullscreen 360° view of the scene in Flash or QuickTime format, or locate the scene in Google Earth.

Katelectro – Plug EP

This is a recent piece for a forthcoming release on the Scots label, Mighty Robot Recordings. It’s an electro EP by a young female producer, with remixes from Ultradyne and Ottomatic. The 3 different plugs were inspired by the combination of a Scottish label, a French producer, and a remix from Detroit’s foremost electro musicians. The idea of the jack came from a design from the artist. As I arranged the plugs on a lightbox and shot away I tried lots of differing angles and layouts, but this reminds me of an evil robot probe closing in on the lonely jack. I feel this is a suitably dark and dystopian vibe for the release.

MRR00000010 Katelectro – Plug EP
Release date 2009


In true re-edit style I’ve been asked to create an identity for the forthcoming imprint from the autodisco crew in dundee. the label is called autodiscotheque, and specialises in edits of classic material from deep within the vaults. ADT#1 is available for pre-order now: 2 tracks from richard sen and cazbee, reworking lost gems to make you move to the groove. time to get down to the autodiscotheque.