Happy 30th Birthday, Manchester Craft and Design Centre!

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This weekend the marvellous Manchester Craft and Design Centre marks the start of their 30th anniversary celebrations and activities with the launch of ‘Collecting History‘.

It promises to be a great launch, with 1982-flavoured food and music; family-friendly activities; an inspiring range of wonderful products on sale; and  English Electric and  Thomas Thorp joining the musical dots from the last thirty years. If you’re in the Northern Quarter in Manchester on Saturday it’ll be a grand afternoon out, so pop in and check it out…

I’ve had a soft spot for the Craft Centre since I first came to Manchester in the 90s… to me it’s the best place to look for inspiration, original gifts and craft pieces. Plus Oak Street Café’s food is wonderful as well…

Anti Limited shot a virtual tour of the Craft Centre last summer (we tried our best to catch the summer sun, but to no avail!) To preface tomorrow’s launch, here’s one of the views: an aerial shot from the centre of the ground floor, just outside the café. Check out the mouth-watering array of food on the serving hatch. We’ll put more views online next week, so be sure to check back and see more. Or follow antilimited on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed to ensure you don’t miss out…

And if you’d like to see more in the meantime, here’s another panorama I shot just over just over two years ago, showing off the Yarnbombing exhibition at the time…

Bobbins, lace and frilly knickers: heritage and modernity at Headen & Quarmby

Headen & Quarmby production facility, Middleton, Greater Manchester

A small selection of images from a recent shoot at the Headen & Quarmby production facility in Greater Manchester. Recently featured in Mary Portas‘ new show on Channel 4, “Mary’s Bottom Line“, the building’s filled with reminders of the rich heritage, skills and traditions of clothing production in the north of England.

Headen & Quarmby production facility, Middleton, Greater Manchester

Trading for almost eighty years, the building is full of materials, fabrics, machinery and memories which harks back to the glory days of British textile production in the mid 2oth century. There are reminders everywhere of a close-knit community of skilled workers. Now, as the machines operate here once again, age-honoured manufacturing techniques sit cheek-by-jowl with modern computer aided design.

After a decade when the machines were mothballed and production moved overseas, once again the factory is resonating to the sounds and sights of undergarment manufacture, staffed by a group of new apprentices tasked with making Kinky Knickers in Blighty. And right now, these knickers are hot

Headen & Quarmby production facility, Middleton, Greater Manchester

Lovingly made using authentic Nottingham lace, the new Kinky Knickers collection flies the flag for British manufacturing. Championed by retail guru Mary Portas, each pair is handcrafted by local apprentices, and comes in a gorgeous vintage-inspired gift box. Leading retailers… including Liberty, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, House of Frazer, ASOS, Boots and others… have embraced the chance to carry the cheekily retro, 100% British underwear. Public demand for the new lines is incredibly high, and everyone was working flat out (though not getting their knickers in a twist) when I was onsite.

Headen & Quarmby production facility, Middleton, Greater Manchester

Acclaimed creative agency Mill Co are delivering a new Headen & Quarmby website and brand development, and Anti Limited was commissioned to photograph the detail and character inside in the company’s headquarters in Middleton. As well as a range of intimately observed stills, taking full advantage of the natural light and unprepared working environment, we also captured a 360° panorama of the production floor. This gives vistors a chance to see the story behind the knickers…

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This is a superbly positive project; a great story of British talent and optimism, and it provided an evocative selection of details to capture and highlight. The subject matter gels closely with many personal and professional projects we’ve worked on, and it’s always good to support a scheme which promotes locally made, quality products. There was a tangible pride and professionalism with everyone I met – deservedly so, judging by their products – and I hope they maintain their position as a successful, well-respected British manufacturer for the next few decades. Thanks to all the staff at Headen & Quarmby for their unbridled co-operation and enthusiasm.

Headen & Quarmby production facility, Middleton, Greater Manchester

You can view a larger gallery of photographs from the day’s shoot here on Flickr

Northern Restaurant & Bar 2012, Manchester

A selection of 360° panoramic views from the Northern Restaurant & Bar 2012 show at Manchester Central Convention Complex on March 13th. Many of these are aerial shots, providing a unique perspective on this event. If you were there, look around and you might spot yourself. If not, these views will put you right in the centre of the show…

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Outside Manchester Central

Front centre aerial view

Chef Robert Owen Brown demonstrates how to make the famous Manchester Egg.

Central aerial view

Chef Aiden Byrne’s cookery demonstration #1

Chef Aiden Byrne’s cookery demonstration #2

Fresh Direct’s stand, view #1

Fresh Direct’s stand, view #2

Final of the Northern Bartender of the Year competition, The Liquor Lounge

Afternoon light between the Bridgewater Hall and Manchester Central

Bonfire Night across Manchester from MediaCityUK

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Here’s a sneak peek at some footage I shot on Bonfire Night, as part of a wider collaborative project. I’ve got a long tradition of shooting timelapses of November 5th (here’s a link to an epic one from 2006) but this was particularly fun to shoot.

A grandstand view, 22 stories up in an apartment in MediaCityUK, using 2x Canon EOS DSLRs, and 3x GoPro Heros. The panorama above gives you a better idea of the location, and the attachments for the GoPros. Below are two of the timelapse videos I shot on the night: there are full descriptions of both on their respective Vimeo pages.

View this location in Google Earth by clicking or tapping this icon…

DJ Greg Wilson’s ‘Reels of Steel’ at Band on the Wall, Oct 2011

I’ve recently been working with the seminal Mancunian music venue Band on the Wall, helping them to showcase the unique venue and their facilities.

When I started this project I was particularly keen to capture one legendary North West DJ, Greg Wilson, in action as I’d originally shot him back in 2008 at the Electrospective event in Islington Mill. Ever since then I wanted to catch him in full effect, with his trusty Revox reel-to-reel tapes onstage.

I’d seen Greg back in April for the first outing of his new ‘Reels of Steel’ project, which he’s since taken on tour, so his recent return to Band on the Wall for Dan Soulsmith’s ‘Stretch Disco’ night gave me the perfect opportunity to snap him as he played to a buzzing crowd. It was a great night, and as you can see, the place was jumping. Check out Greg’s mix from the night on Soundcloud here to immerse yourself in the full experience…

Click/tap the image above to view a fullscreen panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser

Click/tap the image above to view a fullscreen panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser

Click/tap the image above to view a fullscreen panoramic 360° view of the scene in your browser

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