RRS Discovery, Dundee

The RRS Discovery lying berthed at Discovery Point in Dundee harbour. When I was a kid I visited Oslo and the Fram, Roald Amundsen’s ship. Amundsen famously beat Scott to the South Pole in 1911, and so it seems fitting that I should see Scott’s ship after Amundsen’s. Although Amundsen only beat Scott by five weeks, not twenty six years.

Dundee is the home of DC Thomson, the comic publishers who maintain a soft spot in my heart due to their benign influence on my early childhood; the city’s corporate identity reflects the comic book typeface associated with these British classics. The splendid Forth of Tay sprawls across Dundee’s waterfront, and it’s hard to forget the tragi-comic genius of one of Dundee’s favourite sons, the ‘poet’ William Topaz McGonagall, when looking across the ‘Silv’ry Tay’ towards the railway bridge.

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