Volcanic polydistortion – Kerið crater lake, Iceland

Iceland is an extraordinary place. We only came upon Kerið by accident: no off-season holiday is complete without a picnic in the car while it rains, so we pulled over to a layby for a late lunch. Before tucking into our home-made cous-cous picnic (gusgus in Icelandic, a deliberate homage on my part to the band of the same name) I ventured into the gloom and nearly fell down into this stunning hole in the ground. Although it was grey and overcast the ice retained an otherworldy aquamarine hue, surrounded by red volcanic rock streaked with snow like streaky bacon. I felt like I was peering down into some mystical unblinking eye in the earth.

Click below for a fullscreen 360° view of the scene in Flash or QuickTime format, or for more info in Google Earth and Wikipedia.

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