Waterfall at Stickle Ghyll, Langdale

I spent the weekend in the Lakes, enjoying the scenery and scale of the Langdale valley (when the weather cleared enough to see anything!) I was hoping to shoot some good panoramas during a scramble and walk on the Saturday, but the weather wasn’t condusive to such plans. We followed Stickle Ghyll up from the Sticklebarn pub, reaching Stickle Tarn before scrambling up Jake’s Rake on Pavey Ark. Luckily on the Sunday the clouds parted enough to catch the Ghyll in full flow in the sun for a few minutes, enough to capture this shot. We’d seen an organised party of teenagers doing a ghyll scramble here the day before … looked like a lot of fun.

Click below for a fullscreen 360° view of the scene in Flash or QuickTime format, or locate the scene in Google Earth.

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